Cong white shell.

KALUNG CONG Delicate carved white shell necklace sculpture embellished with Cowrie shell detail and hand woven with natural twine displayed on metal iron stand

Size: 34 cm width, 28 cm height/(with stand 38 cm)

Price  is exclusive the patinated metal iron stand, which ca nbe ordered separately . 






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DKK 595,00

( EUR 79.97 )

Tribal Jewelry has traditionally been made from natural materials such as bone, wood, shells and stone. In East Timor shell jewellery was used for personal adornment, religious ceremonies and as a medium of exchange. Cowrie shells were used as a form of money and necklaces made of Cowrie shells were considered to be extremely valuable. The shape of the Cowrie shell is related with women's spirituality and fertility. Today these lovely hand made items can be displayed on stands or hung on walls alone or in groupings for a more dramatic effect. These one-of- a kind sculptural artifacts look beautiful in a modern setting lending a natural element to any space